Spring Forward

Hi all,

I didn’t intend to take two months to get back to the blog.  My March had a series of unfortunate events.  First off, I had a car accident the day before my birthday.  Fortunately, it will be covered by insurance.  But my acting mobile will be in the shop for at least 8 days.  Then, my birthday twin, my grandpa, died while the family was visiting Arizona.  I scrambled to get a flight to get to the funeral in Portland.  I haven’t been able to think straight and I’ve felt sick ever since.  I had two migraines in a row one week and then two in a row the next.  I never get them like that unless I have food poisoning and have never had it happen twice within the space of a week.

Let me back step to what I have been up to.  This past weekend I was part of the table read for the film, The Last Responders: Life After Death, and we all gave the screenwriter feedback afterwards.  It can be nerve-wracking having your script critiqued, but necessary for development.  Having table reads for my scripts is not really my style.  I generally edit them by myself.  Both of my scripts are finally fully-edited and ready for production.  I did approach someone to direct The Go-Girls, but I haven’t heard back from him yet.  He’s generally really busy and soon to break out in a big way.  I’m really shy about approaching people and I’m not sure if I should start the funding campaign with no one attached.  The next thing I did this weekend was being an extra in a Burning Suns Entertainment commercial for Adobe.  They have an entire campaign of 40 commercials to film.  Back in February, I was the lead in one of their commercials in which I had a real monkey for a boss.  She was a lovely macaque, but I was really scared of her because monkeys are skittish.  I felt great being on-set, though, and playing an important character.

You might be wondering about the further fates of my two short films.  I haven’t heard any further news about distribution for Pick Me!.  I should call the distributor again.  As for Climbing Stairs, you’ll probably never see that one because there is not yet a coherent edit.  It’s a hard decision not to show something you’ve created because it’s not up to proper standards.

I have scheduled the first of the Equity theatre auditions.  Surprisingly, one non-Equity theatre that pays a weekly salary did not grant me an audition this year.  I have auditioned for them twice before.  I’m not sure if they re-scheduled them or what.  I did call to make sure they received my submission and was told that they were still looking through submissions.  No news yet on the Broadway revue that I auditioned for or the performance group I auditioned for months ago.

I did a five-week class at the Actors WorkHouse.  Duane Daniels is a genius, who is even writing a book about his acting theory.  One of his philosophies is “If it feels good, don’t do it!”  That really freed me to stop being a control freak and actually pay attention to what I’m doing and saying.  I didn’t realize how mechanical I had become.  The class was actually a music in acting class with some singing.  Only two of us in the class had an actual interest in singing.  I look forward to getting back there again.  I finally saw my voice teacher again to go over my audition pieces for the big auditions this year.  I am going to get out there, stop second-guessing myself, let the material breathe, and stop believing I’m a second-class actress!


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