Break Through

Hi all,

Happy almost Halloween!  I will be wearing my new Rogue costume that I made with the help of my friend, Sara.  Check out her professional cosplay page at  I have always loved Rogue from the comics with her unfortunate ability of not being able to touch people, her being Southern, her fun attitude, and for being Gambit’s other half.  I never thought I’d get to dress up as her.  I learned a great deal about sewing, especially how to sew spandex and boot covers.  I have way more to learn though, as I can’t handle zippers yet.

On the acting front, as you have probably seen if you follow my fan page, I am set to be part of a pilot that will be pitched to major networks.  I met the creator/producer, Mike Austin, at a networking party and he said I would be a great fit.  That is all I can say about it for now.  I have to let the official people release the official information.  Who would have thought you could get cast in something just by going to an event?

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to do two more commercials as part of the Burning Suns Entertainment Adobe campaign.  These involved fashion and funny business with donuts.  I was really glad to be part of so many of the ads.  Here is the link again to watch all the ads already completed:

In Go-Girls news, I have an official executive producer and a potential director (which I probably already mentioned) and I am going forth with the crowdfunding campaign.  While my executive producer approaches potential investors, I will be putting together the IndieGoGo campaign and I need to get the written pitch and pitch videos done soon.  I met with a graphic designer on Monday to create a poster specifically for the pre-production period and crowdfunding campaign.

If you’d like to know more about the original presentation of The Go-Girls as a staged reading, here below this post is the blog post I did for the Fertile Ground blog back in 2010.  Sadly, there are no pictures or a recording of the staged reading itself.

I submitted Business Casual to the Phoenix Film Festival for a total of four festivals.  I am debating whether or not I should submit to another festival.  Those submission fees add up.  The short has already been accepted into the Arizona Community Short Film Festival, which happens at 6:30pm on November 24 at Filmbar.  Event information (but not yet for tickets) is available at the event page here:


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