The Fast Lane

Hi all,

Here I am again.  I am working at a trade show through Tuesday.  I got off early today as I was just training.  I’m working the concierge desk which is great because I’m friendly and I don’t have to type much.  I badly needed the money.  But I am really an actress and writer after all.

I auditioned for Happy Days at Cabrillo Musical theatre two weeks ago and I again didn’t even get a call back.  I was confident and wearing my new yellow sun-dress, cute little sweater, and my new pewter peep-toe flats with ankle straps.  I was going to audition for No, No, Nannette at Downey Civic Light Opera but I now can’t make the call back date so I didn’t go.  It wouldn’t have been a great drive either way, but I miss doing musicals.  I have heard about a bunch of musicals but they don’t pay anything, so I have to decline doing those.  I got my vocal demo done by David  Bickford, a veteran actor and musician.  The other place wanted $55 per hour with a minimum of three hours.  He gave me a discount for being a member of Hollywood Happy Hour.  And it was just $75 for two songs and mixing.  I tried to upload the tracks but I found out that I have to pay for a space upgrade.

Recently, I did a mailing for commercial agents and I got a positive response back from one.  I didn’t expect anyone to be interested this being a major market and me not having substantial credits.  But anyway, there it was.  This kind person would like to meet with me as soon as I enroll in a commercial  class.  That is essential for anyone who wants to do commericials.  So I will find a class that I can afford.  A lady at the Actors’ Network suggested Carolyn Barry, who was a guest there.  I wasn’t able to get over there to meet her that day.  I heard excellent things about her.

I never did hear back from the casting director for that one commercial, so I don’t know if I’ll get to audition.  I’ve done a few drop-offs for a Kevin Smith film, a short film, and a network TV series.  I won’t be able to do any more until next Wednesday.  I am always tossing around the idea of attending Casting Director workshops.  I don’t feel 100% sure about it and the fees do add up.  They run typically $35.  I’ve heard that it’s where they pick most of the people they call in.  I like being able to meet as many industry people as I want at the Actors’ Network for just $50 a month, plus the other excellent benefits.

I’m just waiting to get some more money.


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