Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Hi all,

I had to get a post in before August ended.  The month went by so fast.  I have seven days of work starting tomorrow through my other temp agency.  It’s a data entry position in Irvine (Orange County).  Now I will be getting some money to pay my bills.  I was really worried.

I have seen two movies in one month, which is great.  I saw Eat, Pray, Love and Nanny McPhee Returns.  I enjoyed them both a lot, though Eat, Pray, Love was very sad in many places.  That movie made me really hungry with all the yummy food they ate.  But that’s a silly thing to say.

Anyway, I didn’t get to audition for that one commercial.  I have been looking at commercial classes and there are some awesome teachers but they charge between $350 and $450 for their classes.  I found a commercial intensive workshop for $150 and a community college commercial course so I’ll look into those.  My dues are also coming due for The Actors’ Network.  I want to keep being a member.  I went to a last-minute session with screenwriter, script consultant, and teacher Pilar Alessandra over there.  I really liked her and she showed us some examples of screenwriting techniques that we as actors need to be aware of.  She also showed us a bit of what she teaches in her classes.  I would love to take her class but it’s $375 for six weeks.  Maybe someday.

I am actually writing a screenplay called La Famille which will have to have its own post.  I did a drop off for the show Love Bites at the Culver Studios.  I was able to just walk on the lot and up to the casting office which is Marc Hirschfeld Casting.

I went to a free seminar with Anthony Meindl on Friday at the inaugural session of the free workshop series at  He is an actor, teacher, screenwriter and producer with an innovative program that helps actors succeed.  The introductory course is $595, but does include CD workshops and material tailored to students as well as major professional help.  It sounds awesome, but again not something I can afford.  Well, Anthony had some great advice like not doing non-union work and actually calling agents you want to represent you.  He also took headshots and resumes so I gave him mine.  He didn’t find my postcards to say professional actress even though I like them and they were done by a working actress.  However, he did also tell us that these things are just his opinion, but mostly the advice worked great for me.

And those of us who attended the workshop got free ActorRated discount cards, which are usually $50 a year.  The card includes discounts on classes, photos, and other services actors need.  Now if only it came with a restaurant discount.

So fingers crossed it keeps getting better.  I just can’t fail at this.


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