On Second Thought…

Hi all,

I can’t believe it’s the third week of September!  Well, I chose a commercial class that I could afford.  I attended the Commercial Workshop with CDs Jan Bina and John Smet.  They are casting associates at Broad-Cast on Beverly Blvd. near the Grove.  It was just a one-day workshop, but it’s a thorough class.  I learned as much as I would have with a five-week class.  They went over the main types of commercials by having us all work on-camera and gave us helpful pointers about auditioning and the commercial industry.  They were both so kind and encouraging.  It was the best class I’ve ever taken.  My past on-camera class achieved much less in six weeks.

I called the commercial agent who was interested in meeting with me last week but I never got a return call.  I don’t know if I should call again or wait for her to call back.  Well, at least someone showed interest.  Hearing from one agent out of sixteen submissions is really good because the rate is typically less.

I’m doing a bit better financially as I had about two weeks consecutively working and will be working Tuesday through Thursday.  I’m not quite earning as much money as I’d like and need but things were looking bleak for a bit there.  I will be scheduled to work another trade show from Oct. 9-15.  And a concert on Oct. 7 and 8.  And I’ll see my parents the end of October.

I went to audition at an Equity theatre in Long Beach last Monday, but I backed out when I read the info about non-union people only receiving a $1000 gas stipend and four tickets for opening night as opposed to a weekly salary for Equity people of which they had contracts for nine.  That would mean pay at the end of the run in November.  The rehearsals were during the day too right when I am working the October trade show and the performances were when my parents are coming to visit.  If it was a weekly salary, then I could afford to not work during the day at another job.  So they are off my target list.

I have pledged to send five postcards a week to CD’s per Kevin’s suggestion, and in the odd-sized mailer fashion that is a tenant of the Actors’ Network.  I just attended a session with the head people of a trade show agency.  The company is Productions Plus/The Talent Shop and they started and still have a major office in Detroit.  They do auto shows and trade shows to just name two things they do.  I just signed up to be among their talent.  If anyone wants to join TAN, come on down to a free orientation and mention my name.

Well, up next is an Equity general for PCPA and I’ll perhaps attend the open audition at Center Theatre Group for their upcoming season.  And I’ve been putting together submissions of The Go-Girls to send to theatres for production.  I may end up producing it myself, but who knows.

Alright, off to work!


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