Give It a Shot

Hi all,

Well, I had a great time at home and then I had my parents in Arizona this week, as it is their condo.  I was called for three jobs through my agencies when I was home so I couldn’t accept them.  I did schedule and have shot my headshots with Jon Simpson, a veteran actor, musician, teacher, and photographer.  He played Mr. Spock’s father in Star Trek 5.  He sent my picture files through a digital site from which I got to choose my top picks to have as a smaller gallery to send to my prospective agent.  I think you’ll actually like them though they look very different from the other headshots I’ve had.

I auditioned for the Arizona Opera chorus last night.  I was the only one there who wasn’t an official opera singer though I’m pretty good at it.  They were running behind so I was rushed through my two songs and on-the-spot sight-reading of a melody line.  My voice seized up on the first aria, which was Deh Vieni Non Tardar.  I was horrified at what was coming out of my mouth.  The chorus master stopped me and told me to get straight to the French aria, Plaisir d’Amour, which sounded way better.  After doing the sight-reading bit, they sent me on my way.  I really hope I still have a chance at the chorus.

I am taking a prerequisite course for teaching-certification programs.  The school that offers it and the teacher-certification program told me that since I hadn’t lived in Arizona for a year yet, I would have to pay a greatly-increased amount of money in tuition.  I’ll have to find a school that won’t charge me so much.  I’m officially certified to substitute teach and there are those staffing agencies.  I just want to get this supporting myself thing solved so I don’t have to bore you with non-acting junk.

I have the full footage of my performance at the Feb. 4 Infuse Open Mic but I have to have a video site host it as I haven’t spent $50 to WordPress to have it on my blog.  And I joined a screenwriter’s group on  I’m going to their event this Thursday and I’m going to the Industry Party for the Phoenix Film Festival on April 1.

So there we are.


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