Full Speed Ahead

Hi all,

I now have the prints chosen and on disc.  I uploaded my new headshot to the site.  I had gotten suggestions for places to print headshots from the Phoenix Independent Film group but after careful consideration, I decided to go with Isgo Lepejian like always.  It will take a week for them to get processed and get to me.  I will let my prospective agent know and as soon as they get to me, I will get to sign with them.

One of my temp agencies finally came through this week and I got to work three and a half days.  They had all better start having me work regularly.  The teaching stuff isn’t working out right now.

I had an audition last weekend and two for this week.  One of them was actually paying and fun to audition for.  The first one was last Saturday and it was for a student film at Scottsdale Community College about a guy who has the worst week of his life.  They had me improv being his ex-girlfriend telling him she was pregnant.  The paying one was for commercials for the Phoenix Comiccon.  I did a scene with a guy about a Star Trek fan and a Star Wars fan proving whose fandom is better.  I didn’t get it but it was such fun.  I also got to do a scene with my scene partner involving vampires and zombies.  And I had an audition for a student film yesterday.  The movie is really scary and is about a woman’s ex-husband murdering her and her new man.  I did the scene and they asked me to do a scream for them.  I had good practice on The Rite.  I hope to have new credits to tell you about soon.

I got in touch with Ryan Pierson of Friars Lantern Entertainment, which is in Phoenix, about getting my script Pick Me! produced.  He is helping with details, crew, and other important things.  His company specializes in little to no-budget film making, which is good for me as I don’t yet know how to get funding effectively.  The shooting details are not set up yet.  I still don’t know where The Rite is going to be playing and I don’t have my footage yet.

Next up, will be the season auditions for the Equity theatres in town but the dates haven’t been posted yet.  I’m tired of waiting for things to come through.  I wish I had more control over my life.


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