Prize Turkey

Hi all,

A Christmas Carol opens this coming Saturday, December 1 at 5pm and runs through December 23. Tickets are available at So this week is tech week and we start today with an extra long rehearsal to get all the production details together. A lot of details go into putting on a show, as you probably know. I get to wear a beautiful blue dress for the Fezziwig’s party scene.

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. I had a dinner for one because I did not have family in town, but it was just fine. I had Lamb M’Rouzia, couscous, mashed sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie. I had a few days off from working and rehearsal, so that gave me time to get all the final projects done and play Final Fantasy. I really wish I could say I was filming a commercial, but I wasn’t.

I attended the Filmstock Film festival the week before last and it has really grown. They will now have films showing in four states: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. The selection this year was international and I enjoyed most of the films, except the one about love gone cannibalistic and the one about the meth addicts. New this year was the Filmstock film grant to a production filmed in Arizona. The production team for the movie, The Conduit, won the grant this year. I met Wes and Javier, the producers of the project, and they are really awesome guys. They had a campaign on Kickstarter and I really hope they made their fundraising goal. We exchanged business cards, which is always great. One thing about Kickstarter is that you have to make your fundraising goal by the proposed deadline, or you lose all the money you raised. I heard that IndieGoGo doesn’t have that policy. There is a website for fundraising for budgets a million dollars and over. Beast of the Southern Wild (an insanely fantastic movie, by the way) had a budget of a million dollars, and that is considered low budget.

Please come see A Christmas Carol if you can. The theatre is in Peoria, AZ, a suburb of Phoenix. Have a great day.


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