April Showers Bring…

Hi all, As you’ve probably noticed, that one producer is no longer on the project.¬† Sometimes you encounter people who want to make it their show and don’t have your best interests at heart.¬† Well, onward the Go-Girls go!¬† I have cast all the other roles.¬† Special thanks to Film Independent for the use of […]

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Springing Into Action

Hi all, It’s been two months since the last post and I’ve been so busy!¬† I will be casting the other roles before beginning the crowdfunding campaign and contacting investors.¬† I’m a Filmmaker Pro Member of Film Independent, which you can also be for $250 per year. On that note: the site for Film Independent […]

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The Little Anna That Could

Hi all, I’m visiting home this coming week! ¬†First off, I was wondering how many people are reading this blog. ¬†I don’t receive many comments about the posts. ¬†I wanted to first give you some updates. ¬†I booked a court TV show a few weeks back as one of the litigants. ¬†I can’t give any […]

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California Dreaming

Hi all, Here’s what I’ve been doing.¬† I was cast in a paying industrial PSA about three weekends ago during my five-week temp assignment.¬† I saw the posting on the Actors’ Network Facebook page and I sent in my headshot and was cast.¬† I was really glad about that.¬† I hope to be able to […]

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On Stand By

Hi all, I have my LA apartment.¬† It’s smaller than my former living room, but it has an accent wall, a granite counter top, gated access, my own parking space, and no cockroaches.¬† At first, I was so upset about uprooting my life and coming back to the place that broke my bank account and […]

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Boxing Day

Hi all, It’s been two months since my last blog post.¬† I just didn’t get back to the blog.¬† Tomorrow I drive off to LA! (or today according to the blog calendar). ¬† I have some potential places that I will be looking at and I hope I get one of the good ones.¬† You […]

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Lightning Round

Hi all, I give this blog this title in honor of monsoon season.¬† There was rain and lightning last night and that should be continuing this evening. Phoenix Comicon was last weekend and I only attended for two of the days.¬† My parents were here and I had an audition for Southwest Shakespeare Company on […]

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First of May

Hi all, I had a pretty productive weekend, at least my Saturday was full of awesomeness.¬† In the morning, I filmed a part in a short film for the Phoenix Comic Con Film Challenge and the top 10 entries are played at the Con itself.¬† I can’t give away any details, but you’ll love what […]

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